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Social freezing (oocyte freezing for later use)

Social egg freezing

Fertility preservation via egg freezing was originally proposed to women for oncology or medical reasons but nowadays there is a big shift and social egg freezing is available to every woman concerned about her fertility.

While female biologic clock is generally accepted as a fact that cannot be changed, egg freezing is a relatively new IVF approach that helps to take some of the pressure off by giving women an option to freeze their eggs while they have good ovarian reserve and eggs are of good quality and possibly use them later in higher reproductive age. Women feel more relaxed by having a chance to postpone motherhood until the time is right.

Factors why women decide to preserve their fertility via egg freezing are different but mostly can be explained through: wish to peruse career and education goals, not yet meeting Mr Right or simply wanting to experience different things like travelling, financial independence or freedom of being in a relationship before starting to plan family and motherhood. 

1.    What is the age group of women freezing their eggs?
Research shows that most of the women undergoing this method of fertility preservation are in their late 30s. To get the most quality eggs and have the highest chances to obtain pregnancy later, reproductive specialists advise women to plan egg freezing earlier, while they are in their early 30s,  when significantly better results can be expected. With more awareness and education of young women through media and local health care professionals, we expect in future to have younger women in their 30-ies undergoing this procedure. 

2.    How do I know if I qualify for egg freezing?
Genetics, current health condition, lifestyle, stress, nutrition are some of the factors that can influence female fertility. To assess your fertility level, there is a list of examinations that can be done with your local doctor or here at our clinic. Normally it includes:
-    Hormonal profile: FSH, LH, estradiol, prolactin, testosterone, TSH, fT3, fT4 on 2-5 day of menstrual cycle 
-    AMH (Anti Mullerian hormone), indication of ovaries reserve
-    Number of antral follicle count, via ultrasound control of ovaries
Based on these results, we can give your feedback about your fertility and further options.

3.    How does procedure look like, what can be expected? 
Based on evaluation described above + collecting general information about woman´s health condition and BMI, our doctors will prescribe an individual hormonal stimulation protocol.  By applying hormonal injections we will stimulate growth of more follicles containing eggs to get more eggs for freezing in one stimulated cycle. Stimulation normally lasts 8-10 days and during this time a patient doesn´t need to be in Prague. She can administer the injections herself based on our protocol and instructions. By monitoring the reaction via ultrasound control (at home with local doctor or here at PFC) we will plan timing of egg collection. 
Egg collection is done in total anaesthesia, therefore  it is necessary to do in advance general assessment with local GP (EKG, blood test, liver tests, urine control, heart and lungs control with the  conclusion that woman is healthy and that there are no serious chronic diseases or the familiar tendency to thrombosis). After egg collection, quality of eggs is assessed and they are frozen via vitrification method. 

4.    What happens when I decide to use the frozen eggs?
We thaw the eggs and fertilize them with your partner´s sperm via ICSI or PICSI method (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). This is how embryos are created. Embryos continue to grow another 2-5 days in laboratory culture and then they are transferred to your uterus using thin catheter, under an ultrasound control. Pregnancy success rate with one embryo transfer of two good quality embryos is statistically around 45-50%.

5.    How many eggs should I freeze?
Optimally to plan one embryo transfer of two good quality embryos selected among more embryos, we recommend freezing around 10 eggs. 

6.    How long can my eggs stay frozen?
Eggs can be kept frozen (cryopreserved) for unlimited time. 

7.    What is the cost of the procedure?
The total cost of the procedure is 3.000 EUR which includes:

Prices do not include the cost of medication for hormonal stimulation and storage fees.
After one year, storage fees per year/per box cost 200 EUR.
Total cost of medication for hormonal stimulation depends on the doses and prescribed protocols, varying from: 800 – 1 000 EUR.
8.    How long should I stay in Prague?
Normally a week-long stay in Prague is enough. It would normally include 1-2 ultrasound controls prior to egg collection, egg collection, rest in Prague and return home. We cooperate with hotels nearby and help you organize your stay. 




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Interview with our embryologist Katerina Veselá


Four questions to our IVF team at the ProCrea Swiss IVF Center This time with the embryologist Kateřina Vesela. "Assisted reproduction is a dynamic field of the 21st century." 1) What does your working day mean to you? Adventure, tension, joy or mission? More or less most of the named. When starting work in embryology, everyone feels that their working day is really a mission to help someone. But over time, you will find that this is just a kind of work, but you must never cheat it, because the level of responsibility you have towards patients is huge. It forces you to do everything 100%, you come to work with tension in the morning and wait to see if the eggs from the previous day were fertilized or if and how the other embryos are divided. You are happy to be able to call patients the good news, to see beautiful embryos or to hear positive pregnancy test results in 14 days. If we used the statement "I had a successful day", "I did well today", what can we imagine in the field of embryology? Everything from getting an egg to transferring a nice embryo. Every partial success that we monitor and experience in the laboratory together with the patient on her way to the birth of a healthy child. 2) How would you characterize the field of reproductive medicine. Degree of importance, benefit in society today and in the near future? Reproductive medicine is becoming an increasingly helpful and capable field for couples who have a difficult time with the birth of a healthy offspring. I am sorry that with the entry of various investors into the field of assisted reproduction, this field is becoming more often dishonored and associated with the word business. Assisted reproduction is a dynamic field of the 21st century, where a lot of people are really actively looking for ways and other approaches to offer couples the same, if not higher, success in their infertility treatment in the context of ever-deteriorating entry conditions. Reproductive medicine not only can diagnose and treat couples with fertility disorders, it can help a healthy child and couples who are at high risk of giving birth to a child with a serious illness if they do not seek help at the clinic. I believe that with the shift in medicine and genetics, we will be able not only to capture but, above all, to prevent most serious diseases that manifest in early childhood. Of course, always and only where the legislation and especially ethics allow it. 3) As an expert, what would you say to women who do not yet have a family and children. Do they think, in the spirit of planning, they are still delaying this transition to a new role in life? In my opinion, there is a lack of awareness in the Czech Republic about the declining fertility of women together with their increasing age. Celebrities who do not talk about infertility and problems with conception, and on the contrary present their beginning reproductive plans after the age of 40 as a woman "normal" are not, in my opinion, a good signal for women postponing their own reproduction. In general, it would be good to know that one's own fertility decreases, especially with the woman's age, and begins to decline more sharply after the age of 35. Just as every cell in the human body ages and withers, so it is with sperm and especially eggs that women have had from birth. If a woman or couple is planning to postpone reproductive plans, it would certainly be good not to neglect prevention and consult your reproductive doctor about your options. Today we have a lot of indicators (examination of ovarian reserve, hormonal profile, spermiogram, ..), based on which the doctor can evaluate the reproductive possibilities of patients. 4) Simply and concisely: what makes ProCrea different and unique? From the embryologist's point of view, I can say that the equipment of our laboratory is really at the highest level. We are able to provide patients with the most modern methodologies, which we always stand for professionally. Due to the fact that ProCrea is a small reproductive center, as embryologists we are not overloaded with an unmanageable number of patients and we can pay individual care to each egg that enters the laboratory. I see a great benefit in this compared to other large clinics. We can discuss a lot of things directly with patients, both in person and by telephone during the treatment. Subsequently, we can always recommend a possible change in the procedure for further treatment in case of failure. Mgr. Kateřina Veselá Embryologist at ProCrea Swiss IVF Center  More about IVF clinic


Oznámení o fúzi sloučením obchodních společností


Oznámení o fúzi sloučením obchodních společností Tímto si Vás dovolujeme informovat, že s účinností k 1.5.2021 došlo v souladu s příslušnými ustanoveními zákona 125/2008 Sb., o přeměnách obchodních společností a družstev, v platném znění, k fúzi sloučením (dále jen „Fúze“),          v důsledku které na společnost ProCrea Swiss IVF Center s.r.o., IČ: 288 71 260, se sídlem Nádražní 762/32, Smíchov, 150 00 Praha 5, zapsanou v obchodním rejstříku vedeném Městským soudem v Praze pod sp. zn. C 150293, jakožto nástupnickou společnost (dále jen „Nástupnická společnost“), přešlo jmění zanikající společnosti IVF Zentren Prof. Zech - Pilsen s.r.o., IČ: 263 60 942, se sídlem Bedřicha Smetany 167/2, Vnitřní Město, 301 00 Plzeň, zapsané v obchodním rejstříku vedeném Krajským soudem v Plzni pod sp. zn. C 15324 a zanikající společnosti CELSUS PROPERTY s.r.o.,   IČ: 042 36 921, se sídlem Nádražní 762/32, Smíchov, 150 00 Praha 5, zapsané v obchodním rejstříku vedeném Městským soudem v Praze pod sp. zn. C 244399. Rozhodným dnem Fúze je 1.1.2021 a Fúze byla zapsána do příslušného obchodního rejstříku, a nabyla tak účinnosti, ke dni 1.5.2021. Od 1. 5. 2021 tak vstoupila Nástupnická společnost do právního postavení obou zanikajících společností a v souvislosti s Fúzí došlo rovněž ke změně níže uvedených údajů, které nově zní: ProCrea Swiss IVF Center s.r.o. se sídlem: Nádražní 762/32, Smíchov, 150 00 Praha 5 IČO: 288 71 260 Datová schránka: twc79wb Ostatní údaje Společnosti (jako jsou bankovní spojení, Pobočka Plzeň Pobočka Praha 79101006/2700 pro českou korunu a 1387870354/2700 pro českou korunu a 79101022/2700 pro EUR 1387870362/2700 pro EUR telefonické kontakty, emailové adresy mimo účtárny, která se mění na zůstávají beze změny. V rámci Fúze přecházejí veškerá práva a závazky obou zanikajících společností na Nástupnickou společnost. Na již uzavřených smlouvách se tedy nic nemění. Rovněž se nemění adresy provozoven obou našich klinik. Veškerá nová obchodní korespondence, objednávky, faktury, uzavírání nových smluv či změny smluv stávajících, jakož i veškerá další jednání vedená mezi kteroukoliv ze zanikajících společností a Vámi však musí být od uvedeného data realizovány s použitím veškerých údajů Nástupnické společnosti. Zároveň Vás žádáme, aby na veškeré faktury vystavené na Nástupnickou společnost byla uvedena čísla objednávek, na základě kterých budeme rozlišovat, v jaké pobočce náklad vznikl. Proto si Vás dovolujeme požádat, abyste používali při komunikaci s naší firmou výhradně nový obchodní název Nástupnické společnosti ProCrea Swiss IVF Center s.r.o., Nádražní 762/32, Smíchov, 150 00 Praha 5. za ProCrea Swiss IVF Center s.r.o. MUDr. Ing. Kateřina Kotrčová PhD. jednatel


Interview with Mirna Turcinovic, team manager of the coordinators


Four questions to our IVF team at the ProCrea Swiss IVF Center This time with customer care manager Mirna Turcinovic "ProCrea Swiss IVF Center is a perfect mixture of a private, family clinic and advanced technologies avilable to couples who need medical support to pregnancy planning." 1) What does your working day mean to you? Adventure, tension, joy or mission? The role of our team (treatment coordinators) is to povide support to our patients in all phases of the treatment. It starts with first contact via e-mail or lasts until viable pregnancy is achieved. In our team we have only women who can relate to all female issues around infertility and provide help with not only treatment information but also empathy and understanding of what our patients are going through.  When we use the statement "I had a successful day", "I did well today", what can we imagine in that in your profession? A good day for us means a day when we received many positive pregnancy tests. For us it is biggest reward knowing we were able to help our couples on their journey to desired baby. It gives us huge energy wave and confirmation that what we do is important becasue we are able to make a difference in this world and bring joy to someone´s life. 2) How would you characterize the field of reproductive medicine. Importance, benefits for society today and in the near future? I believe that everyone, especially young women should be educated about their fertility. It is not a taboo topic, biology has its principles and many young women would benefit from understaning them. There is no reason to fear biologic clock or pressure to find a right partner at a certian time in life, there is vriety of options availble from diagnostics, fertility preservation, pregnancy planning etc. Medicine and technology have made huge progress and today we are able to help almost everyone who wishes to have a child. There are different sets of methods avilable and by creating individual treatment plans, everyone can learn about their options. As time when women become mothers has shifted from 20ies to 30ies and 40ies, many women and men will need help of reproductive medicine to achieve pregnancy. We should accept it as normal situation in 21st century and take the best from it. Everyone can manage their own fertility. 3) As an expert, what would you say to women who do not yet have a family and children? There is never a perfect timing. Many couples postpone parenthood until all conditions are met. Today in time of COVID, we face how unpredictable life is. And more then ever we understand how important family is as a basic unit of our society. Young women should learn about their fertility and their options from young age and not to wait for last minute to contact reporoductive medicine specialists. The earlier we start evaluating fertility, more options we will have to preserve it and make plan for future pregnancy. We would advise all women to contact our Info Center and learn about their options.  4) Simply and concisely: what makes ProCrea different and unique? ProCrea Swiss IVF Center is a perfect mixture of a private, family clinic and advanced technologies avilable to couples who need medical support to pregnancy planning. Many couples who come to us, complain that at the big centers they feel like a „number“ and that treatment is not indiviual enough. Our approach is opposite, we provide Individual plan for each patient and in a setting that is comfortable and does not scare the patient with its size. We support of Next Clinics (20 IVF clinics in our group) we are able to combine top knowledge and best practices from many European centers and deliver it locally in a private atmosphere.   Mirna Turcinovic, MSc Customer Care Manager v ProCrea Swiss IVF Center   


COVID-19 operating information, 1.3. 2021


Dear clients, we would like to inform you and assure you that the current government measures of the Czech Republic do not have an impact on the treatment of our patients and do not limit the operation of the clinic. Please only cooperate by following the procedures below: •    Fill out a COVID-19 consent form at the clinic reception.  •    Please wear a mask when entering the clinic. •    Your temperature will be checked upon entry.  •    If you are feeling unwell please call the clinic first, do not come to the clinic. •    If consultations are not possible in person, we can reschedule it or arrange it via Skype-Zoom to make sure we give  attention on time to your case. •    If you have been in close contact to a COVID positive person, please inform us and we will postpone your treatment    for two weeks.  •    Please attend your appointments alone or with your partner, with no extra company. •    We will continue to monitor new government regulations to provide the safest treatment environment for you and your  family. •    International patients, please contact clinic Coordinators at to receive latest travel updates and receive necessary travel documentation.  Stay healthy and safe and we look forward to planning your pregnancy at ProCrea.    


We help to bloossom new lives. We are an IVF clinic with an individual and sensitive approach.


We help to bloossom new lives. We are an IVF clinic with an individual and sensitive approach. Reproductive medicine has made greate progress in recent years and can help with most reproductive problems. Even in the Czech Republic, the treatments have already helped thousands of couples with their families. The peak of a woman’s fertility is reached at around age 20 and after age 25 fertility slowly starts to decrease.  More rapid decrease happens normally after the age 35 when embryo implantation rates decreases and women face higher chances of having a miscarriages. The reason are explained by genetic abnormalities in eggs which result in genetically abnormal embryos without potential to develop into healthy pregnancy.  Men are not facing this challenges as they produce new, young sperm every 60-70 days and are not so limited by reproductive age.  Our grandmothers and mothers were more in line with this biologic factors, but today as young women deal with education, career, financial independence and are waiting to align with right partner, motherhood is postponed to late 20-ies, to be exact: 29 years old which is Czech and European average to become mothers for the first time mothers. Getting further away from biology, many couples turn to reproductive medicine to help them plan parenthood. Our job is not just to treat, but also to educate our patients when to seek help, we recommend to contact the clinic right away if: •    You are 35 or younger and you’ve been trying to get pregnant for 1 year without success •    You are over age 35 and you’ve been trying for more than 6 months without success •    You’re over age 40 and you’d like to start a family Time factor plays important role and we encourage woman to continue trying naturally but also to learn about their fertility and make realistic plan with time frame how to plan pregnancy. Contacting a clinic is not a taboo and many couples are parents today to children born with the help of assisted preproduction. Clinic has Info Center ready to answer all your questions and organize your first visit to the clinic ProCrea Swiss IVF Center in Prague.  Contacts:  Phone: +420 257 212 516 – 518 E-mail:  


Happy New Year 2021



Client ranking

The most beautiful Christmas

The most beautiful Christmas

"We would like to thank you very much for our treasure Karolína. We are your clients and thanks to you, our little girl was born on December 20, 2020 and became our most beautiful Christmas gift. The little one was 48cm and 3210g and we are very grateful to you.” Family Ženatík


Beautiful "Thank you" from a happy, new mother

Even during COVID pandemic time babies are born, including via IVF treatments. We received this beautiful thank you message from a happy new mother.

"I wish you primarily good health, so you could handle this challenging times and continue with your work. You have helped us greatly and we will be forever grateful."

Thank you

Thank you

Dr. Šulc,

we would like to use this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for the  care we received during our IVF treatment and following pregnancy from May 2019 until now.

We are especially grateful for your personal approach to our case, we felt cared after even when situation was not easy, we always knew we can turn to you for advice. We are aware that today it is unfortunatelly not a standard everywhere, so we value not only your medical help but also kind approach.



Finaly even me can boast with joyfull news. On 10th February 2020 was born gorgeous girl Michalka (3650 g, 51 cm). She arrived 10 days after predicted date of birth. We, happy parents, want to thank to the whole Gest team for the longwished happiness. Markéta and Lukáš



Finally can we show off our babyboy Michal. He was born on 24.12.2019, his weight was 2720g and was 48 cm long. Michal came into this world little bit earlier - at 37th week. 
Thanks a lot to the whole team - finally we have our little treasure. 
Happy parents Jaroslava and Luboš 



We would like to thank the whole GEST team for the birth of our babygirl Zuzanka. She was born on 13. 7. 2018. Her weight was just 1120g - she was early born (28+6 week). She became a healthy, beautifull girl.
Grretings and thanks a lot again. 
Milena Wágnerová  



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